Bytom DApp List

Discover the possibilities of the Bytom blockchain with the DApp projects.
  • SeaRates

    SeaRates is supposedly one of the most established logistics company based in the UK. It has over 600,000 users, 40,000 carriers and 250,000 shippers. Its presence both online and online app attracts over 9 million requests from over 200 countries and territories around the world.

  • Bycoin

    Bycoin is a mobile light wallet based Bytom. It contains functions such as creating/importing wallets, storing/transferring multiple digital assets. It’s stable. secure and easy to use to construct a management platform of multi-asset.

  • Bytomswap

    Bytomswap is decentralized digital asset trading platform based on Bytom. All kinds of digital assets can Bytomswap — exchange with “a basket of stable coins” backed by fiat currency and other assets.

  • Bluechain

    Bluechain is a blockchain-based system designed to manage industrial water and waste resources in an efficient and transparent way.

  • HOS租房

    HOS platform is committed to creating a real and credible rental ecosystem and solving the painpoints in the housing rental market with the help of blockchain.

  • 暴雨农业

    The project applies the idea of blockchain to manage the agricultural insurance operations.

  • Carblock

    Carblock is a vehicle data trading platform based on Bytom. In the process of migrating vehicle data onchain, Carblock first come to settle the trust issue in data storage, and at the same time ensure privacy and security.

  • Block Power

    Block Contract is a trusted transaction solution based on blockchain technology

  • V-Story

    V-Story is dedicated to creating an all-round social life service platform of next era.

  • CRT

    CRT is a Dapp based on Bytom,copyright circulation platform which pushes forward legit copy trade so that participants could get rid of the dilemma brought by piracy and share the benefits of copyright.

  • 2100

    2100 is the Bytom DevTools. By building the full node of Bytom and parsing Bytom’s block info, it can be stored into relational data according to the desired business logic and realized via Bytom’s json-rpc call. Users can get the information they want through web access.

  • JoyIOT

    JoyIOT is an interactive prototype of Internet of Things (IOT) information based on Bytom, an example of the combination of blockchain and IOT.

  • JoyPub

    JoyPub is a decentralized social network group application that integrates PPk open protocol and multi chains.

  • EONE

    EONE is a decentralized asset circulation platform based on Bytom, committed to data sharing of asset circulation as a middleware.

  • VolunteerX

    VolunteerX is a decentralized public welfare crowdfunding platform based on Bytom, which allows public funds to be regulated and the flow of donations be tracked with transparency and trust.

  • blockchainAD

    It is a blockchain-based advertising distribution platform, mainly focusing on helping advertisers distribute ads and luring users by games and incentives.