Global Dev Competition

2018.8 - 2018.10

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Bytom global dev competition is committed to promoting the application of blockchain technology and strengthening the exchange and collision of technical peers at home and abroad. We hope to promote the healthy and rational development of the blockchain industry through our efforts.

The competition adopts the Preliminary and Final modes. The Preliminary is an online competition and the Final is an offline closed development competition. The organizers will provide corresponding awards, technical guidance and business incubation for the outstanding innovative projects.

  • World blockchain fest
    Blockchainize the future

  • Best judge team
    High-profile figures

  • Exclusive interview
    Enormous media exposure

  • Industry award ceremony
    Global media coverage

  • Strategic investment
    from Bytom

  • Accelerator service
    Business incubation



Launch of the dev competition After the launch of the dev competition, the signup channels will be open. The technical team will start the technical presentations via the Internet and in colleges.


Warm-up activities


End of the Preliminary Submission Deadline. A list of the submissions will be published.


Announcement of the shortlist Two weeks after the deadline of the Preliminary, the shortlist will be announced on the official website. Finalists will enter the closed competition.


The closed competition The two-day competition begins. Finalists will start programming on the first day. The submission system of the final works will be closed punctually at 24:00 the next day. On the third day, contestants will present their projects.


Presentations with PowerPoint and grade work

Bytom Global Dev Competition

Preliminary period 8.11-10.01

  • 00Day
  • 00Hours
  • 00Minute
  • 00Seconds

About the awards

Competition rules

The activity takes double competition system to select better contestants. One is general competition system; Second is the weekly competition system. Teams could choose either competition system depending on their own situations. Contestants who choose the second competition system shall automatically be barred from the general competition.

Preliminary period

  • General competition system and awards

  • Weekly competition system and awards


Final period

  • Final rules

  • First prize

    1 project
    200,000 BTM bounty

  • Second prize

    2 projects
    50,000BTM bounty for each

  • Third prize

    3 projects
    30,000BTM bounty for each

  • Award of Merit

    10 projects
    10,000BTM bounty for each

  • Community special contribution award

    3 projects
    10,000BTM bounty for each

Sign-up rules

Bytom Global Dev Competition is open to the whole society. There is no restriction on the number of team members and regions.
Contestants can be individuals or teams. There is no limit on the number of team members. A team of 3 persons and above is commended considering the integrity of the project.
The team will be disqualified if cheating is found, including those who sign up with false information, or sign up for multiple accounts under the same contestant ID, etc.
Sign-up time (UTC+8): Aug.15, 2018- Oct.1, 2018. Sign-up deadline: 24:00 of October 1st.
Sign-up: Once you've completed the personal information registration, you are enrolled. Domestic channel: International channel:
Bytom respects the wishes of developers who have the right to decide whether their projects will be open source.


Please fill in the correct registration information, we will keep in touch with the team and provide development assistance.