Global Dev Competition

2018.8 - 2018.11

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Bytom global dev competition is committed to promoting the application of blockchain technology and strengthening the exchange and collision of technical peers at home and abroad. We hope to promote the healthy and rational development of the blockchain industry through our efforts.

The competition adopts the Preliminary and Final modes. The Preliminary is an online competition and the Final is an offline closed development competition. The organizers will provide corresponding awards, technical guidance and business incubation for the outstanding innovative projects.

  • World blockchain fest
    Blockchainize the future

  • Best judge team
    High-profile figures

  • Exclusive interview
    Enormous media exposure

  • Industry award ceremony
    Global media coverage

  • Strategic investment
    from Bytom

  • Accelerator service
    Business incubation

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Activity review

  • 段新星

    比原链创始人。金融及技术领域研究者,盖茨基金会奖学金得主,曾任朗讯贝尔实验室资深工程师,OKCoin(币行)副总裁兼首席研究员。著作有《区块链:重塑经济与世界》(中信出版社 2016)。

  • 朗豫


  • 刘志强


  • 神鱼

    Cobo钱包联合创始人兼CEO,中国最早的数字货币先行者和布道者,创立了中国第一个数字货币挖矿矿池——鱼池。2014年,主导了基于TSMC 55纳米工艺的银鱼莱特币矿机项目。壹比特的创始人之一。

  • 宋辰文

    比太/比特派联合创始人。资深的IT技术、密码学、区块链技术专家,是精通 Android/iOS、Python、Ruby on Rails 等多个技术领域的全栈工程师,同时也是 github 上几个重要开源项目的主要贡献者。

  • 佘泽鹏


  • 蒋劭捷


  • 彭博

    《深度卷积网络·原理与实践》作者,Blink·禀临科技联合创始人。此前在世界最大的外汇对冲基金之一 Ortus Capital Management 负责量化交易,有二十余年的开发经验,对深度学习、智能合约,量化交易均有深入的实践和理解。



Launch of the dev competition After the launch of the dev competition, the signup channels will be open. The technical team will start the technical presentations via the Internet and in colleges.


Warm-up activities


End of the Preliminary Submission Deadline. A list of the submissions will be published.


Announcement of the shortlist The shortlist will be announced on the official website.


Bytom Devcon Demo Day Presentations with PowerPoint and grade work


Bytom Devcon

final time 2018-11-17
  • 00Days
  • 00Hours
  • 00Minutes
  • 00Seconds

About the awards

Preliminary Period

Final Period

Final Awards

  • First Prize

    1 project
    200,000 BTM bounty

  • Second Prize

    2 projects
    50,000BTM bounty for each

  • Third Prize

    3 projects
    30,000BTM bounty for each

  • Award of Merit

    10 projects
    10,000BTM bounty for each

  • Community Special Contribution Award

    3 projects
    10,000BTM bounty for each

Sign-up rules

Bytom Global Dev Competition is open to the whole society. There is no restriction on the number of team members and regions.
Contestants can be individuals or teams. There is no limit on the number of team members. A team of 3 persons and above is commended considering the integrity of the project.
The team will be disqualified if cheating is found, including those who sign up with false information, or sign up for multiple accounts under the same contestant ID, etc.
Sign-up time (UTC+8): Aug.15, 2018- Oct.28, 2018. Sign-up deadline: 18:00 of Oct.28
Sign-up: Once you've completed the personal information registration, you are enrolled. Domestic channel: International channel:
Bytom respects the wishes of developers who have the right to decide whether their projects will be open source.


Please fill in the correct registration information, we will keep in touch with the team and provide development assistance.


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We are looking for 4 diamond level partners and 6 platinum level partners in this exhibition.

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