Embrace the Extensive Application
Era of Blockchain

Create a unified platform for putting assets on blockchain

Consensus node plan

Any individual or organization can participate in the node campaign, build a powerful Bytom 2.0 ecosystem

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Explore the boundary of blockchain with innovation

Bytom integrates multi-asset protocols, optimizes asset flow efficiency, and intelligently puts assets on blockchain

  • High throughput and friendly user experience (low gas cost, no delayed PoW finality)

  • Flexible and secure multi-asset cross-chain protocol, which is accessible to native assets on other blockchains

  • Self-developed smart contract development tool helping users build DApps through template design

New Consensus

The MainChain & SideChian structure is converted to a unified MainChain structure, a Simplified token model

  • Innovative PoS + BBFT consensus algorithm, average confirmation time as low as 6s
  • Energy-saving and environmental protection
  • High finality and adaptability, balance of efficiency&decentralization, node voting for governance

New Economy

Bytom 2.0 reforms its economic model, featured with lower total supply, lower inflation, and higher node rewards. Bytom 2.0 keeps expanding the use case of BTM in governance, basic services, node campaign and other scenarios.

The token supply reduced to 1.566 billion. The annual additional issuance reduced to 30 million. Maximum node APR is 60%

PoS staking lockup50%
Foundation reserve 26%
Market circulation24%

New Platform

A new smart contract platform, and new ecosystem for developers.

Decentralized finance

DeFi is open and permissionless can significantly reduce the cost of finance. As a typical DeFi application protocol on Bytom, MOV can meet instant financial needs.

NFT and Metaverse

NFT(non-fungible token), marks the ownership of digital assets. Metaverse is a virtual environment carring NFT. Users can create any valuable NFT in the Metaverse on Bytom.

Scalable cross-chain system

Transfer crypto assets between Bytom Blockchain with other blockchains in a fast manner.

Robust oracle system

Consensus nodes can become oracle service nodes, providing broadcast services of off-chain information

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