Meet our team

Bytom team are experienced blockchain enthusiasts in tech,
marketing and operation. In blockchain we trust!

Founders & Top managers

  • Chang Jia

    Founder of Bytom

  • Lang Yu

    CEO of Bytom

Development Department

  • Zhu Yiqi

    CTO of Bytom

  • Jin Lei

    Co-CTO of Bytom

  • Yang Sheng

    Blockchain Engineer

  • Lin Haoyu

    Blockchain Engineer

  • Shen Ao

    Blockchain Engineer

  • Zhang chengcheng

    Blockchain Engineer

  • Lin Zhiting

    Front-End Engineer

  • Qiao Yu

    Front-End Engineer

Marketing Department

  • Qu Zhaoxiang

    COO of Bytom

  • Li Zongcheng

    CFO of Bytom

  • Zhong Lifei

    Tech Operation Director

  • Yi Ren

    Head of Bytom US

  • Li Kaiyuan

    Product Operation Manager