Gathering notable and skilled people from blockchain, traditional financial industry.

Founders & Top managers


Chang Jia

Founder of 8btc

Founder of 8btc and Bytom famous sci-fi writer, proponent of the concept of “impossible triangle” in blockchain, published the first Bitcoin monograph in China Received China’s Sci-fi Highest Award “Galaxy Award” three times.


Duan Xinxing

Founder and CEO of Bytom

Former Vice President of OKCoin which is the largest bitcoin exchange over the world. Successfully lead R&D and operation teams of several blockchain products like OKCoin, OKLink, Bytom etc.

Development Department


Lang Yu

CTO of Bytom

Former Alipay senior system engineer. Joined 8btc in 2014 to develop a bitcoin data-centered system, and responsible for 1st Chinese bitcoin crowdfunding site:


Jin Lei

Co-CTO of Bytom

Graduated from University of Pittsburgh with Ph.D. degree in Computer Science, senior software engineer at Facebook, founding member of the ads team at Pinterest.


Zhu Yiqi

Senior blockchain specialist

Core developer of Bytom team. Designer and developer of big data and distributed game systems at Magmic Inc. Developed hybrid digital wallet for Android in 2013. Joined 8btc in 2014, responsible for the development of Blockmeta anB ytom Virtual Machine.

Ma Yao Blockchain engineer


Yang Sheng Blockchain engineer


Lin Haoyu Blockchain engineer


Wang Zhang Blockchain engineer


Marketing Department


Qu Zhaoxiang

COO of Bytom

Joined 8btc in 2014 as COO. Published Digital Currency Development Report in 2014-2015 as one of the writters. Responsible for general marketing and operations, also leads the blockchain hardware product evaluation laboratory project.


Li Zongcheng

CFO of Bytom

Worked at Zhejiang International Business Group Co,ltd and Codi Capital Group. Joined 8btc in 2017. Years of experience in investment and financing.


Du Chao

Operation Director of Bytom

With 10 years of experience in Internet, finance, investment and financing, and entrepreneurship of his own business. held important positions in investment and financing enterprises. And successfully funded tens of millions of dollars of angel investment for three times.


Ma Qianli

Bytom Operation Director

Responsible for the scenario realization of asset migrating onto Bytom Blockchain. Served as the head of Investment in Codi Capital Group. Former Securities Affairs in Vöhringer with extensive experience in IPO, M&A and Asset Securitization.

Iris Shen

Iris Shen

Overseas BD Manager of Bytom

8 years in international trading business, 3 years in life Insurance business, familiar with both international Project developing and consultant marketing (SPIN Selling). Was a KA manager working with major retailers in the world, leading projects in the US and the UK markets.

Hou Yi PR Manager


Xu Nan New Media Manager


Peng Zhuowen Oversea Operation Manager


Zhong Lifei Tech Operation Manager