Bytom Wallet for Desktop

Bytom wallet is the official full-node wallet highly recommended for miner, developer, enterprise and personal user.

Bytom Walletfor macOSV 1.0.9Download
Bytom Walletfor WinsV 1.0.9Win32Win64
Bytom Walletfor LinuxV 1.0.9Linux32Linux64
Source Codeziptar.gz
Bytom Wallet for macOS v1.0.9bytom-wallet-desktop-1.0.9-mac.zip16fcaa1b55801c74b31bc0a0282c6bc3
Bytom Wallet for Win 32 037408d9e2a923da380781c8345ef244
Bytom Wallet for Win 64 v1.0.9bytom-wallet-desktop-1.0.9-win-x64.zip51659d80ebec1745f16ce96b9894c52d
Bytom Wallet for Linux 32 v1.0.9bytom-wallet-desktop-1.0.9-linux-ia32.zipec21a1abe16314b515dcb0dc5c603e76
Bytom Wallet for Linux 64 v1.0.9bytom-wallet-desktop-1.0.9-linux-x64.zipac5073f4a563f021e56a746dac0c160e
FileHeightSizeChecksums(MD5)Last updateLink
190813-Update.db.zip285597542.7MBC34D05F35494DA6C58F53B319538D3782019-08-13 15:50:00 (GMT+8)Download
  • STEP 1Make sure that you have last version of Bytom Full-node Wallet and have enough free space in destination disk.
  • STEP 2Download object file and make sure you close Bytom Wallet software.
    1. - For Windows users, replace object file in shortcut ‘%APPDATA%/Roaming/Bytom/data/core.db’
    2. - For Mac users, replace object file in shortcut ‘~/Library/*Application Support/Bytom/data/core.db’
    3. - For Linux users, replace object file in shortcut ‘~/.bytom/data/core.db’
  • STEP 3Make sure that you set correct destination for datadir and replace object file to your downloaded bytom wallet folder.
  • Mobile Wallet
  • Browser Extension
  • Hardware Wallet