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Bytom wallet is the official wallet highly recommended for everyone, as it’s feature-rich, user-friendly, easy to setup and it supports mining. By using Bytom wallet, you can send or receive BTM coin with Mainnet address.
Bytom Wallet for desktop

Bytom Wallet

Bytom Wallet for macOSV1.06 Download

Bytom Wallet for Windowsv1.06 Win 64 Win 32

Bytom Wallet for Linuxv1.06 Linux 64 Linux 32

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Bytom User Manual V1.0 English 中文

Versions Files Checksums(MD5)
Bytom Wallet for macOS v1.06 afa48ef74af418efed096d6c914c9c91
Bytom Wallet for Win 32 v1.06 85c8ab65a52d90f311f38b334cda1561
Bytom Wallet for Win 64 v1.06 b7af838ef8377e391e19fb87d28b5c5c
Bytom Wallet for Linux 32 v1.06 8a097910e8fec5a5aaba22ae78261520
Bytom Wallet for Linux 64 v1.06 66213e2f1fb475f33b602f8f8acac07f
Files Height Size Checksums(MD5) Last update Download 83824 201.1 MB f083bd3406cc10a54f74487dfc5c 2018-08-30 15:41:58 (GMT+8)
  • 1.Make sure that you have last version of Bytom Wallet (v1.06 ) and have enough free space in destination disk.
  • 2.Download object file and make sure you close Bytom Wallet software,

    - For Windows users, replace object file in shortcut '%APPDATA%/Roaming/Bytom/data/core.db'

    - For Mac users, replace object file in shortcut '~/Library/Bytom/data/core.db'

    - For Linux users, replace object file in shortcut '~/.bytom/data/core.db'

  • 3.Make sure that you set correct destination for datadir and replace object file to your downloaded bytom wallet folder.